My secret to success!

I am often asked how I got here and what’s my secret. I don’t think it is much different that anyone else with a success story:

Consistant and constant goal setting and boundary breaking!

I was doing my first speed interval run today in a couple of months to get ready for my upcoming race. I have set my 5-k goal (the speed interval speeds) at 19:55 which is pretty fast. That is just under 4:00min/km (6:26min/m for the US folks). Comparing to last year at around the same time, that is about 2.5mins faster in the 5-k. It has been this constant improvement and setting the higher goal that has helped me get here. I have also applied the same concept in different places in my life. This includes my nutrition, my work, my hobbies (ask me how many times little details have changed on my race car…).

So if you want to change anything in your life, set some goals that are achievable as well as some that are way out there. It’s the small goals and the progression that allows you to get to those way out there goals. This sense of achievement on the smaller goals will make it easier to achieve that big goal. It’s the old saying that if you put your mind into it, you can get there. I am a living proof of that and I see many of those around me both in the sport of triathlon as well as other things in life. So go out there and get that goal you have always wanted to achieve because you can and forget that sky is the limit because there are no limits, only those we set!

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