I should’ve enjoyed it more…

Well I have a few paragraphs written about my experience at the Ironman Canada. However this keeps running through my head: “Did I enjoy it as much as I should’ve?” Perhaps I really need to look back to a couple of months prior to this race. It was a good experience to be had this early in my triathlon career and perhaps something that my coach, Mark, and several people said and I had read about all over the place. I had pretty much set myself up for failure (well what I think of as failure) before I even started!

I did great in Victoria, felt really nice during the bike and had an awesome run. The bike course wasn’t exactly easy and my time on the bike course was not as good as I think I could’ve been. However the race as a whole was paced almost perfectly. Off of the bike I was fast and quickly got into my goal pace and kept that pace to the end. I was feeling pretty happy and to be able to shave off over 50mins from my previous H-IM about 10months prior was pretty awesome. However deep down I wasn’t happy about the bike leg. I mean I dedicated all my fall/winter/spring to training on the bike. In what nature could throw at me: rain, snow, fog, ice. It didn’t matter, I was out there getting it done. One plus that I had to look at was that off of the bike I could run fast and feeling no different than having fresh legs. This was perhaps the truth behind being 10mins slower on the bike can make up 30+ mins on the run!

However a downhill spiral or an uphill battle had started at this point depending on how you look at it. The Victoria race was not the end of my struggle on the bike. It was actually the beginning. The continuous high resting heart rate (RHR) day after day was an early indication of this. Although measuring resting heart rate is not that scientific since it can be effected by many things such as stress and sleep and so on, it does give a pretty good indication of the amount of recovery needed. For example my RHR when I am fully rested and not under physical stress in the morning is in the low 40’s. However week after week this number was in the low 50’s to low 60’s with no indications of it coming down. The day after day of being on the bike with only one day of break was not helping this at all. Another indication of the lack of recovery was coming from the training effect (TE).

That simple fact did take a while to sink in! To tell you the truth, even up to this day which is two months after I achieved it, I still have moments that I have to think to my self and ask myself if it actually happened! It takes the brain some time to process all that is going on during the race as well as the few days up to the race. I will talk about the regrets a little bit first. I will have to make the race report in another blog as I feel like writing this first. Perhaps the fact of writing this will bring some peace to my mind.
Now whether or not this had anything with my disappointment about the slower results, I don’t know and I can’t tell.

To sum it up in a sentence: I forgot to enjoy it while I could. I put too much pressure on myself.

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