Time is a big mystery!

As I often do during my runs, I was thinking about the ironman and reflecting on the way I want to feel during the run. I have found out lately through different sources such as much coaches and Saul Miller that the mind is a great thing. Perhaps our strongest muscle to push and pull us through the hard training and races we do. Yet most of us forget to train the mind and come race day we use excuses on why we did not perform the way we should’ve, including myself! So I have been working on training that big muscle and it has been the single biggest improvement I have made in my speed and endurance ever!

Anyways back to the original topic, time is a big mystery as Einstein found. It is all relative to the observer.

I was thinking about the time for my IMC: 11 hours 14 minutes, broken down to 1.5 hr swim, 5.5 hr bike, and 4 hr run with 15mins for various things roughly.

So in that 1.5 hr swim which is 3,800m, the stroke-count will be about 1,900 strokes or so, about 100 times sighting where I am going, about 630 times breathing! It sounds pretty simple: pull, breath, pull, pull, pull, breath and repeat!

Now the bike gets a little bit more complicated! 5.5 hours of biking sounds like a long time, but it’s not. As everyone that has done a triathlon knows, time flies! In that 5.5hr on the bike I will cover 180km which works out to around 32.7 km/h on average. That equates to the pedal going around 31,350 times at an average cadence of 95! My heart will beat a total of 52,500 during that time! Yes all these numbers cross my mind while I am out training. But looking at it differently, an electron would’ve travelled 5.9  billion km in that timeframe! In that time the light from the sun has just gone past Pluto!

Last but no least is the run! A marathon which for those of you who don’t know, it is 42km and some change. At an average of around 180 steps per minute, the 4 hour run will be covered in 59,400 steps. If those steps were going up the side of a mountain, that would be going 39,600 vertical ft at an average of 8″ rise per step. Just in comparison peak of Mount Everest is 29,029 ft! I am not saying it will be anything like a Mount Everest climb, but it sure will feel like it!!!

As you can see time is all about how the observer sees it as Eistein formulated in his relativity theory! So don’t let those seconds and minutes and hours of your life be wasted watching tv on the couch! Get out there and enjoy life before the light from the sun gets out of the solar system!

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  1. Wow those are some impressive time goals!!! I’m going to be going with the flow on this one and really aiming for a good solid run, so we’ll see what happens! 🙂 Let’s hope for a nice mild weather year?

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