Lake swim

With the upcoming half-ironman races and the weather getting warmer, it is important to do some outdoor swims in the lake to get used the the continuous swim as well as the wetsuit. I realized I have not wear the wetsuit since last year (well i did a shorter swim in Penticton last month) when I did the Calgary 70.3! That is almost a year ago!

I was able to make it out to Sasamat Lake in Port Moody on Sunday with Jenny. The lake was so quiet and calm since it was early evening. Not a single wave in there which was great to get a nice swim in. The water was on the warmer side and having the wetsuit on almost felt too warm.

It is really nice to be able to swim continuous as it allows me to concentrate on my technique for a longer period instead of having to turn around every 25m. After the swim in the lake, I am more confident in my swim abilities especially with the upcoming races!

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