Data can be great!

Well tonight after a great dinner with Jenny I am sitting at home watching the TdT and surfing and figure I should look at some monthly reports of my data!

It is pretty cool to see some of these. Comparing this month and last month’s data, my average speed has increased by 5% at the same average HR. My bike cadence has increased as well as I have had additional median elevation gain. Now the really cool part is all this has happened with a decrease in the calorie use. This means my system is getting more efficient and at the same time I am getting faster.

It is great to be able to follow these information and confirm that my program that is put together by my coaches is working great. Of course I already knew that, but the geek in me likes to see it on a site as well.

Thanks to the TrainingPeaks great website, I can follow this and make the necessary changes so I can improve and get faster!

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