One of the positives I have always thought I had (some consider it a negative) is not to be nervous no matter what! However there is a definite bit of nervousness going on as I realize there is less than 7 months to the IMC and a few weeks before my first race of this season!

I have heard being nervous can be a good thing sometimes as it pushes our nervous system and body to make changes. I can tell you it is an uncomfortable feeling and at the same time it feels good!

Now someone would think that getting nervous is part of being worried and scared. That is totally not the case here. I know I am in control and with the great support and coaches and people around me, I know the only variable is me! So why feel nervous? Well I wish I knew that answer! However I know come last week of August I will be ready to give all I have for that sub 11 hours and 14 mins!!!

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