Bit by bit…

Happy New Year! It has been a great start to year that will be the best of years so far!

I was informed by TrainingPeaks in the middle of December that I was chosen as one of their 2012 Ambassadors from over 400 applicants. It is going to be an amazing adventure to work with TrainingPeaks and share my training and race season with many out there. Hopefully it will motivate more people to make changes, small or big, in their life style.

The last couple of weeks have been great and with the slow transition to the pre-competition phase it is looking good and it appears that I am on track for my short and long term goals. The weather has been cooperating great as well.

Finally would like to mention my amazingly fast bike coach and team-mates: Larry, Krista, Tom, Justin, and Jo! My biking has improved dramatically in both the physical and mental aspects over the last several months and it appears nothing can stop this train!

3 thoughts on “Bit by bit…

  1. You’re making us work harder too Omid, especially last week, with that power and mindset of yours! You’re the star of the sprints:

  2. @Tom: Well you did win the sprints! I did give you a decent run for your money. Better bring my A-Game to the next one!

    @David: Thank you David! It is going to be a great collaboration!

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