Hard days…

Well just like how muscles is built in the last few reps of each set, it is the tough days that train us mentally. Some days it just feels like you are rolling back down that hill. But have to remind yourself where you have come from. It is those days that tells us we are not super-human; even though we would like to be.

One of the main things I have picked up in that last few months beside speed, is that the speed comes when we are mentally ready for it. From week to week my body doesn’t change significantly form a physical point of view. The improvements are mostly there because I believe in myself more and have a better understanding of my physical self. The old saying that if you put your mind to it, you will achieve it is true!

All I know at this point in time is I have a pretty interesting road ahead of me with all kind of ups and downs and I am as excited to get there as I am going through those ups and downs. Bring it on!!!

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