36km/hr – It is possible…

I went for an interval run today, keeping the speed intervals short since the GranFondo is this weekend. But this is not what I am posting about here! During my run today I was thinking about the IMC. I always imagine myself in one of my future races when I am out there pushing hard and specially feeling good, doesn’t matter if it is swim, bike, or run.

So I am doing my last 5min interval which is the fastest one at sub 4:30min/km and getting faster thinking this is how I feel running the last mile down Lakeshore drive. Then I quickly stop for water and start the easy run back to the office.

Now my thoughts start to wonder to the bike. Start calculating what it takes to do a 5-hour split on the bike: 36km/hr average speed. Now I know that is a pretty fast split, in fact so fast that looking at the results for this year, that would have to be a top 20 bike split. But then I start looking deeper, there are a few guys with 11hour total that did a 5-hour split on the bike. Furthermore I am not the kind of person that will let other people’s results dictate on what I can or cannot do. I am training with an awesome bunch and have two great coaches to get me there.

I know for a fact that 36km/hr pace is a mental block at the moment rather than a physical. I have learned in that last few months climbing Cypress than I am physically capable of doing things that I was mentally not ready for at the time! So I will keep picking at this mental block and I know come race day, 36km/hr will be easy!!! There is a good reason Cynthia@DB put a sticker on my helmet bag that says “Rocket Man”

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