A look back at 2010! Part 1

Well it has been a while since I have posted on here. I promise though that this will become a daily journal of my progress (if you’d call it that).

The new year has come and 6 days are already gone. I have been thinking about the past and the future quite a bit the last bunch of days. Mostly reflecting on the good things that happened around me in this previous year. 2010 was a big year for me. It brought some big changes, big ups, and thankfully not too many lows.

By the way did I tell you this is going to be a long one!

Alright, so let’s see: first 8k run, check; then the crazy non-stop training for the UBC tri! I did however lacked on training for the swimming part and that showed on the day of the race against myself. But I look back and can’t think anything bad about it. I kicked ass!!

People said it wasn’t a good idea to do the SunRun a week before my tri. As now a good friend and my mentor told me, don’t let people tell you what you can or cannot do. Human body is amazing and it’s all in the mind. So I started the 10k joy run thinking I will take it easy and cruise this one. Well probably 200m into it, my competitive nature kicked in and I gave it what I had at the time. Looking back I could probably pushed harder and end up with a better time, but where is the fun in that, right!

The 3.5 hour plus of what seemed like pain was like the best drug ever. It felt like it took 10 mins. I basically had a 3.5 hour meditation. And by the time it was done I was addicted! I remember coming up the final hill looking around and spotting my 70 year old father cheering me on trying to run beside me to the finish line. If that wouldn’t motivate me to sprint to the finish line and use every ounce of energy I had, I do not know what could! So I did it, I was officially a triathlete!!!

I had a month now to train (more like drink!) for my first crack at the Conquer Cancer ride. The fundraising went great. I originally planned to raise a total of $3,200. Thanks to my awesome friends and coworkers I ended up raising over $3,700. Just a small piece of the pie, but I was and am proud of that accomplishment. One day when we have conquered cancer, I can proudly say I had a hand in that. So we rode: a sea of pink! Each one of us had our own
reasons. Some were survivors, some family or friends of survivors, some were families or friends of people who were not fortunate enough to be with us, and some just wanted to go for a beautiful Sunday (Saturday) ride. We did however ride for Finn! And we did this while running, jumping, bouncing, dancing (oh we danced alright), singing, loving, smiling, riding like we have never before!!!

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