And it starts…

Well the official training started this week. It feels great to be back on a schedule instead of just getting out there for fun.

The spin class on Monday was different and it kicked my ass! Amazing how body just doesn’t want to do something it has never done before. It feels great to step out of my comfort zone and push the limits physically and mentally.

What always amazes me is the power of mind and ability of pushing myself physically even though sometimes it feels like there is anything left. And yet always when I finish, I feel like I could’ve pushed harder. I guess that is one of the reasons I get out there time after time. Push myself harder and harder, isn’t that what training is all about! haha…

I have noticed that my endurance and cadence has improved quite a bit for both running and biking. I personally think this is mostly thanks to the good trusty fix-gear (not gonna say fixie since it offends some people) bike.

I have found it hard to try and focus on one topic and write a long post about it. So there will be some back and forth going on (as you can see the family and friends post is not complete yet)!

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